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Universal Health Coverage for HIV Key Populations

Date : 15-Aug-2019 14:41 pm

Location : Yangon, Myanmar

Aug, 12-13

Through the support of PITCH Program of Alliance Myanmar, Sex Worker In Myanmar Network (SWiM) organised the workshop to learn UHC updates and trends together with other KP led networks on 12th and 13th August 2019. This was the very first time for Community Network Consortium (CNC) to engage deeply in UHC agenda in Myanmar. 

Thank and appreciate to Community Partnership International (CPI) for providing the detail knowledge sharing about Health System, Universal Health Coverage, National Health Plan, Financial Strategy, and Linkages between HIV and UHC, etc. Country Focal shared the identified risks and opportunities when HIV advocates are to engage in UHC advocacy, and also the suggestions on how to engage in it. 

The workshop was ended with finding out SWOT of KP led networks and related HIV activities in system blocks of UHC development. There will have similar workshops and meetings to discuss more about UHC for HIV Key Populations.


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