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The Very First Human Rights Film Contest for HIV Key Populations

Date : 15-Aug-2019 15:07 pm

Location : Yangon, Myanmar

1st August 2019.

Human Rights Declaration clearly mentions that everyone deserves the human rights. Therefore, in this year 2019, Alliance Myanmar likes to host the very first time film contest intended to raise awareness about Key Population rights among general public.

In fact, the similar film contest was hardly seen before, even though different kinds of celebrations were seen for KP on International Human Rights Day. This film contest will be the first one to include the stories of all Key Populations related with human rights issues.

The contest has some steps;

(1) application process: -  the applicants need to submit their motivation video, sample film, and CV

(2) selection of potential candidates and announcement : -  the potential will be selected based on their motivation, their experiences on CV and the competency as shown in the sample video.

(3) Training : - It's intended to have the same direction of promoting the human rights of Key Populations, thus the selected film makers will be trained about KP issues, Human Rights and film techniques.

(4) Giving advance : - These trained film makers will be given an advance money to make the film.

(5) Shooting time: - The duration will take at most 2 months

(6) Submission of the final short film - Within the set time, all film makers need to submit their videos to take part in the contest.

(7) Awarding - The winners will be awarded on International Human Rights Day.


The awards are as follows.

(1) First prize - 2,000,000 MMK

(2) Second Prize - 1,000,000 MMK

(3) Third Prize - 700,000 MMK

(4) Satisfactory prizes - 300,000 MMK for three candidates.


The steps in the contest is quite exciting and attractive to the film makers. If you are inspired to participate, Don't forget to submit your CV, sample short films and your motivation video to Alliance Myanmar not later than 10th September 2019.

Please keep your record by winning the film contest, especially participating in this social work movement.




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